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Sinds juli 2014 verschijnen hier geen nieuwe stukken meer. De artikelen worden *) heringedeeld in acht categorieën: zie de knoppen links. Met uitzondering van de categorie 'Islam(itische ideologie)' is de indeling nu niet meer naar thema, maar naar aard van de stukken. Vier jaar lang lag het hoofdaccent op het voeren van de noodzakelijke ideologische strijd: zie het motto hierboven. In de komende jaren zal ik (initiatiefnemer en belangrijkste leverancier van teksten voor me meer richten op de noodzakelijke politieke strijd. In termen van deze indeling: veel meer nadruk op Voorstellen, Politieke organisatie en iets meer op Opinie. LEES VERDER »
Arnoud van Doorn: disoriented, not unobserved
We don't have to ridicule the ulema; they take care of that themselves

A pitiable local councillor from the Netherlands is finally making headlines worldwide. Arnoud van Doorn owes his seat to the PVV, an organization that occupies 15 (out of 150) seats in the parliament of The Netherlands. Its fame stems from its courageous, astute and uncontested leader: mr. Geert Wilders.
Neither Van Doorn's achievements as local councillor nor his astonishing roles as seller of drugs to minors and leaker of classified information, are worth being mentioned here. Or anywhere.
However, the way muhammedans rejoice over his acknowledging of Muhammed as messenger of the god Allah, most certainly is and for more than one reason. Hence the photo and some more information about him below the fold. Van Doorn owes his international fame to the Canadian Dawah Association that on its website, I kid you not, compares him with Omar, the second caliph of the muhammedans. This CDA runs a celebrity relations program, managed by a Shazaad Mohammed. An important part of the program is to organize trips to Saudi-Arabia. The modern day Mohammed, according to his own website also ..
… is an Ambassador for Peace with the Universal Peace Federation (UPF), which operates under the United Nations. He is also an adviser to many celebrities. (!)

Van Doorn, Mike Tyson and caliph Omar
This UPF was founded, still not kidding, by the Korean cult leader Moon.
The CDA brags about the success of their celebrity program. Before Van Doorn Shahaad Mohammed already brought boxing champion Mike Tyson,
still not kidding
a convicted rapist who was disqualified as a boxer for biting a chunk of the ear of his opponent, to the Kingdom.
Because in some way he is being compared with both Omar and with Mike Tyson, information about the pitiable local councillor might be of interest to the followers of Muhammed worldwide. It certainly is for people who are critical of an ideology attributed to that 7th century robber prophet and the organizations hell-bent on spreading that ideology.
Van Doorn left the PVV less than a year ago. He did not give up his seat in the local council of The Hague however. In the local council he is now the 'leader' of the Independent The Hague Party. His leadership is uncontested: he is the only member of the 'group'.
The CDA-website and some other sources claim that he 'remained' a member of parliament too, but that is a rather special 'mistake': he never was mp in the first place. He has been on lists of candidates however. In 2006 on the list of the Partij voor Nederland. That party in total got less than 10% of the number of votes necessary for one seat in parliament. Van Doorn got 64 of those. Four years later he was number 43 on the list of the PVV. Van Doorn contributed 32 votes from the one and a half million the party won. Although or, more likely, because he had proved his worth as a member of the local council for the PVV, he did not make it to the list of candidates in 2012. Shortly after this became clear he left the PVV.

Selling drugs to minors
After leaving the PVV Van Doorn did not immediately embrace muhammedanism, bringing him world fame. First he already managed to get some fame in the Netherlands, all by himself.
He sold drugs to minors.
He did not do this to earn some extra income, he told the press, but just wanted to play the role of an undercover police officer catching big criminals. He unfortunately failed to inform the police about his informal acting role.
Because he did not agree with the plan to sell some real estate owned by the city, he leaked information about that plan, effectively undermining the bargaining power of the city. Van Doorn later explained he did not know this was a crime and that his intentions were good.
His international fame meanwhile backfires. Forming a faction in the local council on his own, he felt frustrated by the limitation of the time he is allowed to talk in the council. He took the initiative to extend this time and the other factions were ready to listen to his reasoning but when the subject was scheduled for an official session of the council, Van Doorn was in Qatar. Most councillors in The Hague strongly disagree with everything Geert Wilders stands for, but were furious about this behaviour of Van Doorn and he lost the last shred of credibility with them too. (link to a Dutch news item on this subject)

Trump card
I am highly aware of the rise of both the muhammedan terror(ism) and the ideology. Being a resolute opponent of everything muhammedan the international adventures of Van Doorn however, strengthens my optimism.
Mike Tyson irrefutably was a champion of a kind. He committed his crimes many years ago and has spend time in jail because of them.
If this Van Doorn is one of their trump cards, this tells a lot about the rest of their hand

Van Doorn is a loser by every standard. The CDA did not wait until there was more clarity on the misbehaviour and crimes of Van Doorn however, but immediately claim a great victory with the 'conversion' of this 'ex-islamophobe' and lie about him being some kind of former leader of the PVV and being member of parliament. He is played as if he is a trump card in the preposterous attempts to link muhammedanism to values. If this Van Doorn is one of their trump cards, this tells a lot about the rest of their hand!
But there is more.
Many of the followers of Mohammed protest when someone calls them muhammedan: follower of Mohammed. As if they think that nobody is aware of the fact that the first pillar of the muhammedan ideology is to recite the Creed: "There is no god but Allah, Muhammad is the messenger of Allah", implying that Allah has no message, only a messenger, their glorified leader.
The caption of the photo, "I am sorry, O Prophet", aptly demonstrates who is the subject of the muhammedan worship: Mohammed.

Not unobserved
The attractiveness of muhammedanism nor the terror from and threats by muhammedans by themselves do constitute a cause for alarm. The real problem of 'the West' (North America, Europe, India, Australia) is that main stream media align with main stream politicians in denying the type of the clothes of the muhammedan emperor, the naked emperor.
The intensity, dissemination and persistence of this denial is of such a scale that the muhammedan die-hards feel unobserved: time after time western reactions on acts of terror, raging, wining and demanding from muhammedans have the effect of further encouraging the terror, raging, wining and demanding.
The subtitle of this post comes from the (Dutch) welcome text to new visitors of this site:
We don't have to ridicule the ulema. They take care of that themselves. We should go on pointing the spotlights on their behaviour and speeches. If we do not laugh at them enough their immorality and madness can be harmful.

They imagine themselves unobserved. To the advantage of their opponents.  

Frans Groenendijk,  18-06-2013          

# 1

Ik begrijp niet waarom het hele artikel in het Engels is gepubliceerd. Dat Arjan van Doorn binnen de PVV als afvallige wordt beschouwd,is bekend, maar hij heeft mijn kinderen en kleinkinderen uitstekend bijgestaan toen ze onterecht onder toezicht van de jeugdzorg stonden en zij hebben het aan hem te danken dat ze daar nu niet meer onder vallen omdat de hele situatie uiteindelijk op valse aantijgingen bestonden. Dat Arjan nu in een moskee door zijn hoeven is gezakt, is werkelijk een doodzonde,maar hij heeft ook goede dingen gedaan voor de PVV. Heel erg jammer dat hij zo de verkeerde kant is opgegaan.

19-jun 2013 ,  02:47
# 2
Frans Groenendijk:

Prettig om te horen dat de man toch ook wel eens iets goed heeft gedaan. De reden dat de tekst in het Engels is, is tussen de regels door in het stuk zelf te vinden. Zijn kunstjes zijn op zichzelf geen aandacht waard, de internationale ophef en leugens over hem wel.

19-jun 2013 ,  11:29
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