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Sinds juli 2014 verschijnen hier geen nieuwe stukken meer. De artikelen worden *) heringedeeld in acht categorieën: zie de knoppen links. Met uitzondering van de categorie 'Islam(itische ideologie)' is de indeling nu niet meer naar thema, maar naar aard van de stukken. Vier jaar lang lag het hoofdaccent op het voeren van de noodzakelijke ideologische strijd: zie het motto hierboven. In de komende jaren zal ik (initiatiefnemer en belangrijkste leverancier van teksten voor me meer richten op de noodzakelijke politieke strijd. In termen van deze indeling: veel meer nadruk op Voorstellen, Politieke organisatie en iets meer op Opinie. LEES VERDER »

It has been hard to seriously and ethically debate the mortal threat posed by the ideology of Mohammed. After 2014 this might change.
Those who are of the opinion that fundamentalism and (violent) extremism are on the rise among the followers of Mohammed in the last decades, feel a great sense of urgency to defeat the terrorists everywhere and to defuse the 'not yet fully moderated' ideology. Our opponents have been eager to focus on the 'good muslims they know personally'. Many of them were – and some still are – more worried about a possible 'backlash' of a confrontation: a backlash not just from fighting terrorists but also from the 'criticizing islam' part. They liked to believe that things are not that bad and were of the opinion that Muhammedan inspired terrorism should be interpreted primarily as a reaction to the way the Ottoman Empire ended after 1918 and the toppling of the regimes of the Taliban in Afghanistan and of Saddam Houssein in Iraq. Did they notice that "not one of the US, UK and French leaders who have invaded Muslim countries the last 20 years was a critic of Islam"? 1)
After 2014 it will be almost impossible to remain adamant on that 'root causes' paradigm.
How bad was it? Very bad indeed. The two charts below, about the rise in the number of people murdered in attacks inspired by the Muhammedan ideology, suffice to boggle the mind.

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Arnoud van Doorn: disoriented, not unobserved

We don't have to ridicule the ulema; they take care of that themselves

A pitiable local councillor from the Netherlands is finally making headlines worldwide. Arnoud van Doorn owes his seat to the PVV, an organization that occupies 15 (out of 150) seats in the parliament of The Netherlands. Its fame stems from its courageous, astute and uncontested leader: mr. Geert Wilders.
Neither Van Doorn's achievements as local councillor nor his astonishing roles as seller of drugs to minors and leaker of classified information, are worth being mentioned here. Or anywhere.
However, the way muhammedans rejoice over his acknowledging of Muhammed as messenger of the god Allah, most certainly is and for more than one reason. Hence the photo and some more information about him below the fold. Van Doorn owes his international fame to the Canadian Dawah Association that on its website, I kid you not, compares him with Omar, the second caliph of the muhammedans. This CDA runs a celebrity relations program, managed by a Shazaad Mohammed. An important part of the program is to organize trips to Saudi-Arabia. The modern day Mohammed, according to his own website also ..     LEES VERDER

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Terrorism, terror and some statistics

Is defusing an ideology impossible?

I stumbled upon this post on FrontPageMagazine about the number of terrorist-attacks being quadrupled since 2001. Because I also write on a sister website of this blog Emperors and clothes about science (in Dutch, but Google Translate gives a good impression of what is going on there) I felt compelled to mention it here and to add some reflections of my own.
The FPM-article does not include this picture or the one you find below. I made this Excel-graph, based on the list of 'The Religion Of Peace' (TROP). The above picture needs some elucidation. I will provide this but first I make some remarks about the data to which the FPM-article refers.     LEES VERDER

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Focus on Benghazi

Defeating nazism as a piece of cake

'Focus' should be read with lower case 'f' as well as with a capital letter: it was also the name of a group existing in the thirties of last century, which had Winston Churchill as its most prominent member.
Recently I wrote a review (in Dutch) of Geert Wilders' splendid book Marked for Death (in English). In it I gave some arguments to the effect that in a way defeating nazism was a piece of cake compared to the challenge we face nowadays to diffuse muhammedanism throughout the world.
In our time there are Christians who consider muhammedanism as an ally in the struggle against 'secularization'. Lots of people consider 'capitalism', 'global warming' or even the survival of the democratic state of Israel as a greater threat. As a country, the Netherlands (with Israel) still lead the Western world, when it comes to the share of the people understanding the nature of muhammedanism. And yet in our country the tendency prevails to look away. Among the majority of the population and an overwhelming majority of academics, politicians and journalists this tendency is so strong that they simply refuse to contemplate the crucial question, let alone to answer it.
That question being:     LEES VERDER

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Their blood is halal

Antwoord van een Mûrtad, een afvallige, aan een godsdienstwaanzinnige

Last week the direc­tor of Amster­dam’s plat­form for poli­tical discus­sions De Balie invited me to com­ment the debate between Imam Al-Haddad, parlia­mentarian Tofik Dibi and the journalist Kustaw Bessems about the position of Islam in the West. This is an extended version of my remark on Al-Haddad during this debate.

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